Your orofacial physiotherapist: Niels Kooijman

In 2011 I started as an orofacial physiotherapist at the Praktijk Boisotkade. During the study Physiotherapie in Amsterdam, temporomandibular dysfunctions was short discussed, but took my attention. 

Straight after finishing my study Physiotherapie, I continued with the specialisation for Manaul Therapy (SOMT, Amersfoort), again the jaw joint was discussed, in relation to headache and neck pain. Therefore, I decided to continue my scholar program after completing Manual Therapy, and started the education for orofacial therapist. A 1,5 year study, in Nijmegen (HAN), in cooperation with Radboud Hospital. Since then, I started following courses and studies in the head-neck-jaw regions, including dizziness and tinnitus. For the actual (followed) courses, I would like to refer to my LinkedIn page.

Subsequently on the orofacial therapy course, I started the Master Manual Therapy (MSc) which I finished in 2014. The exam consited a case report, which I wrote about a patient with jaw problems (trismus).

Within the region of Leiden, I am cooperating in a network with other specialists, focuessed on treating patients with temporomandibulair dysfunctions. This network contains a gnathologist, 3 physiotherapists and a psychologist. Thanks to the network, we have short lines with eachother, so discussing about and treating the same patients are easy.


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