Procedure Orofacial Therapy


The first consult will take approximately 45 minutes. This consult consits an anamnesis, an examination, and a start of the treatment. The anamnesis and exam will collect info about the severity of the complaints. You might be requested to fill in a questionair, to get a better view over your health issues.


After the anamnesis, a physical examination will follow. This exam shall focus on the regions in which the complaints are projected, and the regions which could be involved in the complaints.

During the exam, the mouth will be checked (how is the health of your teeth, are there any visual apects?) and the functions of the jaw joint will be tested (how far will the mouth open, how does it close, are there any noices/sounds during the jaw movements, etc.) Also the neck and shoulder gridle functions could be examed.


After this exam a (short) report will be send to your GP, dentist or referrer. During the treatment another report might be send if necessary, and at the end of the session a final report will be send.


After the exam, the orofacial therapist shall discuss with you what the options are for treatment. A treatment plan will be prepaired. The treatment shall be focussed to help you as efficient as possible whitin a reasonable time. The treatment will contain technics outside, but also inside the mouth (stretching, mobilisations, manipulations). Also the neck, collar and face can be involved in the treatment.

Besides the treatment of the head-nek-jaw regio, the shoulder gridle can also be part of the treatment. By using mobilisations technics or manipualtions, the funcitons of these areas can be improved, and have a positive result for the health problems.

Counseling and advise in excercises are also part of the treatment.

For a small impression you can hit the this link for a short impression of the (dys)functions of the jaw.

Psychology in jaw complaints

There is a good cooperation with psychologist Lia Hoogenboom. Together, we are connected to the network BUCCA. The treatments of Lia involve mind fullness, awereness, relaxation excercises, and becoming more aware of ‘bad habits’ (clinching, overuse of the tongue, parafunctions of the mouth, etc). For further questions, you can contact Lia Hoogenboom.


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